Town officials make perfect pitch to strengthen home fire sprinkler ordinance

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Aug 7, 2018

Members of the Maine Fire Sprinkler Coalition recently participated in a town council workshop that discussed strengthening the town of Gorham's fire sprinkler requirement. According to an news story, Gorham subdivision homes must include fire sprinklers if not served by "an approved fire pond or public hydrants" or rest on long, dead end streets. More than 260 of these homes have sprinklers, but fire officials want this technology included in all new homes.


In a town with a six- to eight-minute response time, the proposed ordinance to sprinkler all new homes is like  "putting a fully staffed fire truck in each home with a one-minute response time at zero cost to taxpayers," Fire Chief Robert Lefebvre told the news outlet. 


Not only will the ordinance's expansion help reduce home fire injuries and protect the town's fire service, it will also help reduce homeowner insurance costs. "What we're talking about is long-range planning," Lefebvre adds. 


This month, the town council will discuss the ordinance, which will be addressed at a public hearing before possible adoption, states the story. Check this blog for any updates to this story.