Resident sleeps through home fire and smoke alarms, but saved by fire sprinklers

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Sep 4, 2018

Photo: Twitter

The sound of smoke alarms did not wake a Lacey, Washington, resident who fell asleep while leaving food cooking on a stove. A fire soon erupted, immediately activating the home's fire sprinklers. The resident also wasn't stirred from slumber during the sprinkler activation or the sound of firefighters entering the home. 


A tweet by Lacey Fire District 3, @LaceyFireDist3, sums up last month's incident: 


"...on scene of a fire alarm at local apartments. Cooking fire on stovetop. Occupant asleep. Fire extinguished by sprinkler head. Resident slept through the fire, the alarm, the sprinkler activation & our crew forcing entry! #ThankYouFireCodes because #SprinklersSave Lives."


This is yet another example of fire sprinklers doing their job. Curious to read about other activations that have saved lives? Download NFPA's new report, "Sprinkler Successes in One- and Two-Family Homes and Apartments."