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A new report once again points to the horror home fires pose on the public, and the power of home fire sprinklers. Examining 10 years of fire data, the University of Fraser Valley in British Columbia released new research that bears a striking resemblance to U.S. data. 


"We wanted to take a fresh look at the data in light of modern-day fire response, demographics, and building fire risk," says Joseph Clare, who co-authored the study "Sprinkler Systems and Residential Structure Fires--Revisted: Exploring the Impact of Sprinklers for Life Safety and Fire Spread." "The results underscore the life-saving potential of automated sprinklers in all residential settings, particularly when paired with working smoke alarms." 


Some of the reports key findings include:


"This is further evidence that mandatory sprinkler systems in all new homes would be a large, proactive step towards furthering residential fire safety in Canada," Clare told Fire Fighting in Canada. Visit the site for more information on this report. 

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