Use NFPA's presentation to underscore concerns with unprotected, lightweight construction and home furnishings on fire

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Oct 29, 2018

A recent news broadcast eloquently described the hidden fire dangers of the modern home. The broadcast's effectiveness was due in part to Fire Marshal Ed Ruckriegel, who described the research behind these dangers in layman's terms.  


"The contents in our homes and, to some degree how building are built, is what makes our homes less safe," he told a Madison, Wisconsin, news station. He hit other salient points, such as studies proving that homes built more than 30 years ago hit the flashover point slower than today's new homes built with unprotected, lightweight construction. He underscored toys and upholstery created with synthetic materials that are flammable. He also pointed to the technology that helps combat today's home fire dangers. 


"Install automatic sprinklers," he says. 


Become an advocate like Fire Marshal Ruckriegel; please understand and start promoting today's home fire dangers and fire sprinkler performance by using NFPA's popular PowerPoint underscoring these points.