Young couple didn't have to die, says fire chief also taking a strong stance on fire sprinklers

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Nov 28, 2018

"It's nothing short of a tragedy," Fire Chief Brian Enterline told a Fox affiliate following the death of a young couple from a residential fire in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Based on what was discovered at the scene, it seems the couple tried to fight the fire; firefighters discovered the sink's faucet running and rummaged cabinets, possibly from them trying to find a fire extinguisher, says Enterline. (If there's a fire in a home, NFPA urges residents to get out of the home immediately rather than fight the fire.)  


The fire department arrived at the scene in four minutes but was unable to save the couple. The cause seems to be electrical, says Enterline, adding that "we wouldn't even be talking about the fire because it would have been so small" if fire sprinklers were at the residence. Even if the building were built today, it would still lack fire sprinklers per the city's building code. The building doesn't exceed the 75-foot threshold for fire sprinklers, nor does its renovations cost more than 50 percent over its assessed value, another requirement for installing fire sprinklers, states the news story.  


Elsewhere in Pennsylvania, officials in Pittsburgh obtained public comment on a proposed requirement to fire sprinkler any building there at least 75 feet tall. During a public hearing on the requirement, parties on both sides of the debate aired their concerns, including a retired fire chief who said that "prevention is better than sprinklering." 


Complementing preventive efforts with sprinkler installations in residences can have a significant impact on reducing North America's home fire problem.


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