NFPA's story of a home fire once again gets national recognition

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Dec 7, 2018

NFPA has been developing new ways of letting the public know that home fires should be a serious concern. Simply telling people that home fires are responsible for the majority of fire deaths isn't enough to change behavior. We need to show them the gut-wrenching realities of fire.   


We took this approach with NFPA's first, limited episode podcast, The Survivors." This is the story of a family that had a devastating interaction with fire, one that has had a lasting impact. We didn't take a cursory look at what happened to the van Dijk family when a fire occurred at their home; we dove deep into their lives and explained their emotional and physical pain of losing two children in such a heartbreaking way. Their trauma and personal growth following the fire is equal parts devastating and uplifting. And it's a story of a family that we felt needed to be heard. 


We were honored that their story got the attention of the Association Media and Publishing this year; it awarded us the gold award for educational podcasting. More recently, "The Survivors" received the top honor in the audio storytelling category by PR Daily's Content Marketing Awards. We were honored to be in the running with big-named companies such as Microsoft and Capital One. 


We share this news not to gloat about our accolades but to inform you that this personal type of storytelling is getting the attention of those not in the fire arena. I can't tell you the number of times I've heard from "outsiders" that since listening to the story of the van Dijk's, they've made sure their smoke alarms are working. They've practiced home escape planning. They realize how important fire sprinklers are in new homes. What seems to be seeping in are key safety messages made important by this family's story. 


Please listen to "The Survivors." Please tell us how their story impacted you. Please share with those in and out of the fire world. And please--find those human stories in your community that can help humanize fire's impact. 


We again thank the van Dijk family for having the courage to put their lives in the spotlight. They have been searching for ways to honor the two boys they lost in the fire. In some small way, we hope the podcast has been one of those ways.