Four-part series on residential fires underscores safety shortfalls

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Dec 13, 2018

“People are at risk of a fire anywhere they live, work, or recreate. But residential fires have accounted for almost all of the loss of life in our community,” Las Vegas Deputy Fire Chief and Fire Marshal Robert Nolan told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. While those statements are applicable in far too many U.S. cities, the news outlet focused its journalistic lens on the local impact of residential fires.


The four-part series, "Valley of Fires," discusses the fire impact and risks in Las Vegas. (The city was placed in the safety spotlight this year for its passage of a requirement to fire sprinklers all of its new homes.) The series tackles the following topics: 


  • hotels on the Las Vegas strip are "fireproof fortresses," but the same cannot be said for the pockets of homes in certain neighborhoods
  • a deadly fire spotlights the increased fire risks in the city's older neighborhoods
  • fire inspection resources are stretched thin
  • costs seem to prevent safety upgrades at home


Read the four-part series. Are the topics highlighted in this series synonymous to what's occurring in your region? Please let us know by responding to this post.