Single Fire Sprinkler Saves the Day in Park Ridge, Illinois

Blog Post created by lcapland Employee on Sep 13, 2019

The Park Ridge Fire Department responded to an alarm at the Park Ridge Pointe community in Park Ridge, Illinois on September 6. After entering, crews discovered a fire had started in a bathroom in one of the condo units. 


“The fire sprinkler system had activated (only one sprinkler head) and had prevented the fire from spreading throughout the structure,” Park Ridge Fire Chief Jeff Sorensen said in a press release, “Most importantly, no residents or fire personnel were injured.” 


Chief Sorensen also cited how sprinklers can help reduce the resources needed to respond to a fire. “While fire sprinklers are designed with life safety in mind, they typically use a fraction of the water that fire hoses do to contain a fire,” Sorensen said in the release.


Furthermore, “It wasn’t a large response by us because we didn’t need it, ” Sorensen was quoted as saying in a Chicago Tribune article about the incident.


The city of Park Ridge has required fire sprinklers in all new construction, including single-family homes, since 2001.


In the case of this particular fire, it is believed to have originated in the bathroom ceiling fan.