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Valerie Boutin
What is a tiny house? While the definition varies depending on who you talk to, typically it is considered any house under 400 sq ft. You could fit 6.5 tiny houses inside the average American home (which is around 2,600 sq ft). The tiny house movement is quickly spreading across America. For some buried in student debt, it is viewed as the only… (Show more)
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Kristin Bigda
Many exciting changes are coming to the 2018 edition of NFPA 1, Fire Code, that will address a number of new technical topics as well as revise and expand on existing topics.  Changes such as a completely revised and updated chapter on Energy Storage Systems, new requirements for mobile cooking operations (food trucks) and even a new chapter on… (Show more)
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Fred Durso
A small fire at the Smithsonian Castle building in Washington, D.C., made minimal headlines, mainly because its sprinklers quickly extinguished the flames. No deaths. No injuries. Minimal damage.    In a well-written commentary by writer Dave Statter, he promotes the protection at this building and the " protect...priceless artifacts and… (Show more)
Nancy Pearce
“Do we really need another standard on confined spaces?” That’s the question I get asked most often in response to NFPA 350, Guide for Confined Space Entry and Work. My answer is a definitive “yes,” and here’s why: Fatalities continue to occur in confined spaces each year, despite regulations.  Virtually all of the fatalities could have been… (Show more)
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Joy Rodowicz
This photograph was taken in the Summer of 1933. From Volunteer Firemen, vol. 1, no. 3, 1933: "The trailer of this tank truck overturned and took fire when the truck skidded on the wet pavement of a Los Angeles suburb. Tank and trailer together contained 6,205 gallons of gasoline. The potential hazard to any property near the burning wreck of a… (Show more)
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Gregory Harrington
Image via In a #101Wednesdays post this past January, I discussed the Life Safety Code requirements for inspection of egress doors for life safety, and I touched on a bit of confusion created by the language in the 2012 edition and its adoption by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for health care occupancies… (Show more)
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Thomas McGowan
  There is so much good going on at the college and university level now-a-days, and community service projects top that list. Projects are wide and varied ranging from helping homeless people with a meal, helping young readers learn to read, cleaning up trash along a river front, and working at the local food pantry. It’s speculator to see young… (Show more)
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Benjamin Pugh
Photo courtesy of the American Fire Sprinkler Association   Having overseen nearly 2,000 home installations of fire sprinklers, Randy Miller knows these systems backwards and forwards. He's now receiving national recognition not only for these installations but for his assistance in passing an ordinance to fire sprinkler every new home in… (Show more)
Christopher Coache
The hierarchy of risk controls is required to be implemented, in descending order, whenever it is necessary to protect an employee from the risk of injury associated with the use of electricity. Elimination, the most effective control, was discussed in the prior blog. The next control that must be implemented is substitution followed by… (Show more)
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Debra Baio
                Please note that the live stream of the NFPA Standards Council hearings has experienced unforeseen issues. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your interest.   View the preliminary Hearings/Appeals schedule and agenda  … (Show more)
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