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Robert Solomon
On Saturday, September 16, Florida Governor Rick Scott issued an Emergency Action requiring all nursing homes and assisted living facilities to have an emergency power plan. This directive follows the death of 10 residents in  a Hollywood, Florida nursing home as a result of Hurricane Irma. These needless deaths occurred days after the hurricane… (Show more)
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Kristin Bigda
This week I had a coworker ask me about whether or not they could have hay bales on display as part of a fall holiday event they were planning.  Working at NFPA makes me very thankful that we have staff who are careful and aware enough to ask us these questions and want to make sure we hold events that ensure employee safety and are fire safe! The… (Show more)
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Debra Baio
In the September issue of NFPA News: NFPA 855, NFPA 1700, and NFPA 2400 open for public input; new projects seeking comments on Fire Investigation Units, Fire Service Support Personnel, and Fire Test for Wall Panels; request to merge NFPA 16 and NFPA 11; and more...   In this issue: New documents open for public review and input: NFPA 855, NFPA… (Show more)
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Fred Durso
Residential fire sprinklers have been spotlighted twice in a week's span, thanks to two news outlets promoting two activations on opposite sides of the U.S.    The first occurred on September 19 in Abingdon, Maryland. According to a news report by The Baltimore Sun, a grandmother who shared the home with three other family members was home alone… (Show more)
Valerie Boutin
What is a tiny house? While the definition varies depending on who you talk to, typically it is considered any house under 400 sq ft. You could fit 6.5 tiny houses inside the average American home (which is around 2,600 sq ft). The tiny house movement is quickly spreading across America. For some buried in student debt, it is viewed as the only… (Show more)
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Cathy Longley
The National Volunteer Fire Council is working with researchers from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health to determine the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet for volunteer firefighters. The study is designed to help first responders and their families adopt good eating habits and improve their health by using key principles defined in… (Show more)
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Sreenivasan Ranganathan
In the event of a fire, a sloped ceiling may alter sprinkler performance from expected results for a conventional horizontal ceiling configuration. This webinar will address the storage protection under sloped ceilings. A detailed computational study using the CFD code FireFOAM has been performed to understand ceiling configuration effects… (Show more)
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James Pauley
The United States District Court for the District of Columbia (Hon. Tanya S. Chutkan) late last week issued a ruling that will support federal, state and local governments’ efforts to support public health and safety through the use of voluntary consensus codes and standards. On February 2, the court granted a motion for summary judgment filed by… (Show more)
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Olga Caledonia
What started as a regular business day in Mexico City, enjoying breakfast with colleagues and gearing up for meetings, was soon followed (to my surprise) by an annual safety drill as the country remembered the devastating September 19, 1985 earthquake that killed approximately 9,500.    I was fortunate to be part of yesterday's disaster… (Show more)
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Faith Berry
Photo shared by Jeremy Oberstein Government Affairs Director, LAFD  Nine senators reintroduced a bipartisan bill on US Senate floor; “The Wildfire Disaster Funding Act of 2017.”  The nine bipartisan sponsors of the bill include Senators Ron Wyden, D-Oregon, Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, Maria Cantwell, D-Washington, Orin Hatch R-Utah, Dianne Feinstein,… (Show more)
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