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On the night of September 20, 1929, a deadly night club fire killed 22 people and injured over 50 more in Detroit, Michigan. Background The Study Club was a popular cabaret on the edge of Detroit's downtown district that offered dining and dancing. There's evidence it also served liquor, which was illegal at the time under Prohibition. The… (Show more)
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Both the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and NFPA publish their own hazard identification system for the identification of hazardous materials. Please be aware that there are major differences between the two identification systems.  The  identification system tied to NFPA 704, Standard System for the Identification of the… (Show more)
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Within the span of a day, two home fires in the same state resulted in four people being injured and an estimated $200,000 worth of damage. There were likely news reports on the fire, but the media did not likely discuss the immediate and long-term aftermath of these fires. In the following commentary, Paul Eichler, chair of the Delaware Fire… (Show more)
It’s back! After missing out on a few Fridays, I am happy to be back with a Fire Code Friday post!  The past few weeks have been busy here at NFPA.  I have been working most days preparing the (almost) finishing touches for the 2018 NFPA 1 Handbook , due out in a couple of months,  as well as beginning the preparation for the upcoming 2021 Code… (Show more)
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As students head back to school, chances are they’re not thinking about all of the fire safety requirements that keep them safe during the school year. As professionals in the field, however, we’re trained to know and follow the Fire Code and related requirements that play a critical role in ensuring the safety and security of our school… (Show more)
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Responders search for victims among the rubble following a bridge collapse in Genoa, Italy, in August (Getty Images) This article was first published in NFPA Journal on September 4. Read more articles from the "Dispatches" section of the September/October 2018 issue of NFPA Journal here. In August, a bridge built in the 1960s collapsed in… (Show more)
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  In the wake of a massive fire at the 200-year old National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, cultural leaders, fire officials, life safety authorities, and the press have zeroed in on the widespread underfunding of cultural institutions; the overall disrepair of arts buildings; and the safety deficiencies that further exacerbate fire… (Show more)
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NFPA is looking for CFI-I, CFI-II, and CFPE certification holders interested in volunteering to serve on a Certification Advisory Group (CAG).   Purpose: to assist NFPA's certification department with ongoing projects, such as, writing exam questions, determining exam passing scores, and validating exam content and weighting.   Commitment:… (Show more)
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As the southern East Coast of the U.S. braces for Hurricane Florence, one group is urging healthcare facilities and others to take important steps now to safeguard emergency power.  Powered for Patients, which was formed in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy to raise awareness of the importance of bringing people together before a disaster to help… (Show more)
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Since its release in December of last year, EFFECT™, NFPA’s electronic tool to assess the risk of high-rise buildings with combustible cladding, has seen widespread use across the globe by engineers, AHJ's and others interested in assessing risks and prioritizing mitigation in these structures.  Over 300 corporations are now using the tool… (Show more)
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