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The first panel of experts presented their ideas at today’s High Challenge Warehouse Workshop as part of the Fire Protection Research Foundation’s SUPDET 2010.

Seven engineering firms took the challenge to design fire protection in a high challenge warehouse where the local fire chief has made it clear that no interior fire fighting will be attempted to achieve final fire extinguishment. Robots, foam and water mist were some of the concepts mentioned as the first panel presented their ideas. The first group to present today included Schirmer Engineering, Rolf Jensen and Associates and FPI Consortium.

Panel Panelists Garner Palenske and Dan O'Connor from Schirmer, Dick Bukowski from Rolf Jensen and Associates, and Warde Comeaux of the FPI Consortium discuss ideas on how to protect the high challenge warehouse.

The case was presented by Richard Gallagher of Zurich Services Corporation.
Check back soon to see the presentations.

- Lorraine Carli, NFPA Vice President of Communications

Adding to a dynamic afternoon of discussion, the second panel of engineering experts shared their ideas for how they would protect a high challenge warehouse should a fire occur. Their task was full of challenges – protect people, save as much of the commodity as possible, minimize overall damage and extinguish the fire – because, as you remember, the mock scenario said the fire chief said that no interior fire fighting would be attempted.

Communication, pre-incident planning and an analogy to the famed "Back to the Future" movie highlighted some of the thoughts as speakers rose to the challenge of protecting the hypothetical warehouse.


The second panel included Telgian, Summit Fire Protection, a collaborative group from UCSD, Creative FPE Solutions, WPI and the University of Edinburgh, and Hughes Associates.


More than 150 attendees to the Fire Protection Research Foundation’s SUPDET 2010 pushed the panelists a little further on their ideas during the Q&A at this special workshop which was part of the three-day event.


A summary keynote on all of the ideas will be presented tomorrow. But in the meantime, please share your thoughts. Read the hypothetical case and tell us what you would do.


- Lorraine Carli, NFPA Vice President of Communications

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