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The Fire Protection Research Foundation has issued a report on the summit on National Trends in Delivery of Health and Long Term Care: Implications for Safety Codes and Standards, held July 20-21 in Baltimore, Maryland. The report contains an abstract, background, agenda, presentations summary, participant lists, speaker bios, and PowerPoint presentations.

NFPA 13, Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems, has included guidance on the use of antifreeze solutions in fire sprinkler systems since the 1940 edition. Recent fire incidents, analysis of available literature, and preliminary testing have identified concerns with the use of certain antifreeze solutions. Under certain conditions, solutions of glycerin and propylene glycol antifreeze have been found to ignite when discharged from automatic sprinkler systems. A literature review, preliminary testing, and a long term research plan were developed as part of Phase I of this project. This Interim Report has been prepared to outline the results of Phase II of the project, which includes further testing of propylene glycol and glycerin antifreeze solutions for a range of concentrations and operating conditions.

The Fire Protection Research Foundation has received a $250,000 award from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for a project to support the development of safety standards for the implementation of Smart Grid. NIST and other government agencies are undertaking a comprehensive series of programs to develop technology and information to enable the rapid transition to the next generation of power distribution through the Smart Grid initiative. This transition has major impacts for the safety of the built infrastructure as it interfaces with the grid through in-building energy storage systems, photovoltaics, metering and control systems, and other safety features. This project aims to ensure that infrastructure safety standards do not serve as an impediment to the implementation of the Smart Grid.  The project will include an assessment of new technologies associated with Grid implementation and their potential impact on the National Electrical Code® and other NFPA electrical safety standards as well as technology transfer activities for the electrical inspection community.

Presentations from the summit on National Trends in Delivery of Health and Long Term Care: Implications for Safety Codes and Standards are available here on the Fire Protection Research Foundation website. The July 21 event was co-sponsored by NFPA and the Research Foundation.

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