Read the September/October issue of the Research Foundation newsletter

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Sep 22, 2010


The September/October edition of the Fire Protection Research Foundation newsletter has been issued. <span style="color: #800080;">Read the newsletter</span> and subscribe today so you don't miss out on important news.


In this issue:

    • Early registration deadline approaching for "Dust Explosion Hazard Recognition and Control: New Strategies" symposium in Kansas City.

    • New project: "Assessment of the Thermal Hazard from Fire Service Training Fires"

    • Research planning: "Hazard Assessment of Low-Ignition-Propensity Aqueous Solutions in Combustible IBCs"

    • Research planning: "Research Agenda for NIST's Large-Scale Structural Fire Performance Laboratory"

    • New report: "Antifreeze Solutions in Home Fire Sprinkler Systems: Interim Report"

    • New report: "Glove Box Fire Protection: A Literature Review"

    • New report: "Research Needs in Support of Hydrogen Safety Standards: 2008-2010 Activities of the hydrogen Research Advisory Council"

    • New report: "National Trends in Delivery of Health and Long-Term Care: Implications for Safety Codes and Standards - Report of a National Summit"