Foundation issues report on Evaluation of Health Care Operating Rooms as Wet/Dry Locations

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Oct 26, 2010

Health care operating rooms may require special protection for its electrical equipment depending if it is classified as either a wet or dry location.  These requirements are based on providing a balance between a safe environment for patients and operating room personnel while at the same time providing a risk based solution and not over-designing the electrical distribution system.  This study, just issued by the Fire Protection Research Foundation, defines and analyzes the hazards associated with hospital operating rooms to clarify the classification type (i.e. wet location versus dry location) of their electrical environment.  It includes a review of the existing literature on fluid spills and electrical hazards in the operating room, a gap analysis for missing information, and a proposed risk assessment method for hospitals to use to evaluate the proper classification of an operating room. 

The report is available for download at no cost.