Luncheon speakers tackle issues, trends in fire safety

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Dec 13, 2010

“Emerging Issues in Fire Protection” was the theme of today’s luncheon presentation, hosted by Chris Dubay, NFPA’s Chief Engineer and Vice President of Codes and Standards. Chris and his co-presenters, NFPA staff engineers Robert Solomon and Guy Colonna, presented the audience with more than a dozen topic ideas, and then based on attendee suggestions, briefly spoke about the issues at hand. Discussions were wide-ranging, from NFPA’s new program to train first responders on how to respond to emergencies involving electric vehicles, to new trends in the delivery of healthcare and their impact on safety standards. One of the topics addressed was the use of elevators as a means of egress in high-rise buildings, an issue that offers many challenges, according to Robert Solomon, including re-educating the public, who’ve been told for years to avoid elevators during an emergency evacuation.

NFPA's Guy Colonna and Chris Dubay
NFPA's Robert Solomon