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A training video is born

Posted by andrewklock Employee May 17, 2011

Have you ever been to an auto collision that has a dedicated concession stand to feed the rescuers? How about a simple pop-the-door extrication that takes two days? How about responding to the same crash repeatedly, each time with someone saying, "action"? Or a scene where the "director" says "CUT," but doesn't mean to take the roof off the vehicle? There's a group of firefighters in northern New Hampshire and Reno, Nevada who have experienced that kind of scene. They were part of a new training videowe produced for our Electric Vehicle Safety Training program. 

Watch a video of the training in action.

You can also read a "behind the scenes" look at the filming of this video on

A new report provides documentation of a recent workshop, "Professional Qualifications 'Now and Beyond Workshop' for Fire and Emergency Services". 

The fire service and other emergency responders in North America have a well-developed infrastructure to address professional qualifications (Pro-Qual), and this includes the eighteen separate standards administered by the NFPA Pro-Qual Project.  However, there are various technical and procedural issues requiring attention, and similarly, there are questions on the future vision of the Pro-Qual infrastructure. Download the report from this event.

The workshop, held April 13-14 in Irving, TX, was hosted by by NFPA with support for administration, implementation and documentation provided by the Fire Protection Research Foundation.

LEDs and other innovative energy saving lighting technologies (e.g. fluorescents) are rapidly entering the marketplace and present themselves for application to emergency notification appliances.  The existing requirements for the performance and application of visible notification appliances are based on relatively short duration, high peak intensity flashing lights – strobe lights.  The Foundation is initiating a project to develop performance requirements for new light sources used in emergency notification appliances for inclusion in NFPA 72.  If you are interested in participation, please contact

Fire Science Degree, a blog created and maintained by Frank and Sally Davison, offers a comprehensive list of accredited fire science colleges and universities. In a recent post, the authors compiled a list of their favorite “fire science blogs”, and three of NFPA’s blogs were among those making the grade.

“Whether you’re interested in fire safety engineering, fire prevention, or firefighting, there is something for you in our list,” the authors write.

The NFPA blogs cited as “the best” were:

  • The Fire Protection Research Foundation blog highlights news, activities, and research from the Foundation, an independent nonprofit whose mission is to plan, manage and communicate research in support of NFPA’s mission. 
  • The Fire Service Today blog is NFPA’s blog for firefighters. Firefighters can learn all about the science behind their protective equipment, read the latest research on sprinklers, or find out the date of the next training session.
  • The Fire Sprinkler Initiative blog provides resources for the fire service and other sprinkler advocates who want to demonstrate the need for home fire sprinklers in their community. The blog also serves as a forum to refute “anti-sprinkler” sentiments.

Thanks to Frank and Sally for adding some of NFPA’s blogs to their “top 45” list. Check out their full list of favorite sites.

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