Electric vehicles get boost from Congress

Blog Post created by andrewklock Employee on May 25, 2011

Earlier this month, legislators from across the aisle came together to introduce the Electric Drive Vehicle Deployment Act  ̶  legislation designed to provide communities with the funds needed to make their cities EV-ready.

The bill authorizes the U.S. Secretary of Energy to award up to $300 million to each of 10 different deployment communities around the country ($3 billion total) to encourage early adoption of electric cars. The legislation also provides assistance for the installation of charging infrastructure, supports the manufacturing of electric vehicle components and encourages utilities to plan for widespread use of electric drive vehicles. These communities will then serve as domestic hubs for EV manufacturing and deployment, as well as testing grounds for best practices. The 10 communities will be selected through an application process.

The Electric Drive Vehicle Deployment Act also guarantees these consumer benefits:

  • Incentives to purchase electric drive vehicles, such as an additional $2,000 incentive to the first 50,000 people within each hub who buy electric drive vehicles.
  • Extends federal tax credits for the purchase and installation of electric vehicle charging equipment for individuals (up to $2,000) or businesses (up to $50,000 for multiple equipment purchases).

During our pilot trainings this spring, we provided training to firefighters in New York, Chicago, Austin, Phoenix, Dallas and more. At each stop, we were impressed with the enthusiasm from not only the first responders but also local residents we met with.  

This enthusiasm and the continued commitment from the Administration and the Department of Energy will only help the EV market continue to grow.

Andrew Klock
Senior Project Manager, Training Development