Ford electric vehicles know how to keep it cool

Blog Post created by andrewklock Employee on Jun 22, 2011

Focus Electric lithium-ion battery packLithium-ion Battery Pack from the Ford Focus Electric

Ford just announced that its Focus Electric lithium-ion battery packs would come with an advanced active liquid-cooling system, to provide its customers some peace of mind during the hot summer months. When charging or being used, the cooling system will use a “chiller” to lower the temperature of coolant going through the battery to keep it from overheating. “If the battery became too hot, we would have to limit the use of energy to protect it. The liquid cooled system allows us to reduce those constraints and get the most out of the battery,” said Dave Fabricatore, team engineer for Thermal Program Management. “We’re helping owners by making sure their battery is always ready to go, regardless of the weather.”

For more information, check out the press release over at PR Newswire.

- Angela Burke