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How NFPA is helping make future models of ambulances even safer

Blog Post created by Michael Hazell Employee on Jul 7, 2011

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NFPA's Fred Durso talks to Ken Holland and Laurence Stewart
From the new issue of NFPA Journal®

In the unfortunate event that you need emergency transportation to a hospital, you can take comfort in knowing that NFPA is helping make future models of ambulances even safer.

In 2008, NFPA’s Standards Council approved NFPA 1917, Automotive Ambulances, for inclusion in the 2012 revision cycle. The new standard establishes the minimum requirements, performance parameters, and essential criteria for new emergency medical services (EMS) vehicles and could replace federal specification requirements currently guiding ambulance construction. The document’s Report on Proposals (ROP) was released in June, and the public has until August 30 to submit comments on the ROP. 

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