Oil spills just another reason to go electric

Blog Post created by andrewklock Employee on Jul 7, 2011


With recent media releases revealing that the state-run China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) kept a huge oil spill hidden from the public for an entire month, it becomes clearer and clearer every day that electric vehicles are a cleaner alternative transportation option for the future.

CNOOC publicized the spill on Monday, one month after it was detected in the oil field in Bohai Bay on June 4. The Global Times newspaper accused the State Oceanic Administration (SOA) of shielding the oil company from the public outrage that would surely result if the sill was made public.

On Tuesday, ConocoPhillips China issued a statement claiming that after the spill, it had “promptly notified relevant authorities.” The statement continued, “Currently there is no oil sheen in the Bohai Bay operating area; the source of the sheen has been contained and clean-up work is close to completion.”

Greenpeace, however, was not satisfied with the statement, responding that CNOOC had not learned from last year’s oil spill near the port city of Dalian, where 60,000-90,000 tons of crude oil poured into the yellow sea.

These dangerous oil spills overseas are no longer unfamiliar to Americans after the British Petroleum oil spill last April, during which an estimated 140 million gallons of oil leaked into the Gulf of Mexico.

With man-made environmental disasters like this happening far too frequently due to our dependency on gasoline, it is clear that in order to protect our world we need to start moving towards a better fuel source. Electric vehicles will allow us to do just that, and EV Safety Training is committed to making sure that long before all the cars on the road are electric, first responders will be trained to handle incidents involving this new technology.