Charging station at the next exit?

Blog Post created by andrewklock Employee on Jul 18, 2011

Itching to take a road trip in a brand new electric vehicle? Here is news that may get you charged up. This week Washington state transportation officials announced their goal of placing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at key intervals along Interstate 5, the West Coast’s busiest highway.

That means, by 2012, EV drivers will be able to drive the 580 miles from the southern border of Oregon to Canada, all without releasing a single carbon emission from their vehicle during the trip. But, more charging stations soon may be on the way. The initial charging station installation is part of the West Coast Green Highway – proposed by the states of Washington, Oregon and California – that would run 1,350 miles from Canada to Mexico.

With the growing number of EV drivers, pulling into a charging station soon may be as common as pulling into a gas station has been for decades. EV drivers will be able to travel farther and without worrying about how many miles they have left.

This announcement also is a sign that more and more of these vehicles soon will be traveling on our nation’s busiest interstates. With more EVs on the road, the likelihood that first responders will face emergency situations involving EVs also increases. That’s why we are working hard with first responders to make sure they are equipped with the knowledge they need to respond without hesitation.

Ask your North American Fire Training Director if they have signed up for NFPA’s Electric Vehicle Safety Training. If you haven’t already, you may see an EV coming down the road sooner than you think.