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Gel fuel safey informationGel fuel is used with fire pots, personal fireplaces, and patio torches. These devices can create a warm, cozy environment. However, they should be considered an open flame and extreme caution is necessary when using or adding fuel.

Pouring gel fuel in a device that is not completely cool may result in a fire or injury. And if your clothes do catch fire, "Stop, drop and roll" may not extinguish a fire from splattered or spilled gel fuel.

Download a free copy of our new safety tip sheet and learn how to stay safe around gel fuel.

On August 2, 2000, a fire occurred in a multi-tenant warehouse in Phoenix, AZ, completely destroying the 85,000 square foot facility.  The fire began in the part of the warehouse occupied by a home and garden supply company and was first detected at 4:58 p.m. By 5:17 p.m. most of the south wall of the building had collapsed.

Less than an hour after workers had left for the day, smoke was spotted.  Occupants from the other half of the building heard banging noises and went outside to look, and saw a column of smoke rising from the building.  Firefighters soon arrived on the scene, but, by the next morning, the entire building was destroyed. Five firefighters were treated for smoke inhalation, several police officers were treated for breathing related problems, and over 80 civilians were evacuated from their homes. 

The cause of the fire had not been determined at the time of NFPA's investigation report, but  several factors may contribute to large losses in similar facilities:

  • Lack of segregation between incombatible materials
  • Lack of proper storage configuration for oxidizers
  • Inadequate sprinkler protection for commodities stored in the warehouse

NFPA members can download the full investigation report and all visitors can read a summary of the investigation.

-Ben Evarts

Fire Protection Research Foundation
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and other government agencies are undertaking a comprehensive series of programs to develop technology and information to enable the rapid transition to the next generation of power distribution through the Smart Grid initiative. A new report, "Smart Grid and NFPA Electrical Safety Codes and Standards", published by the Fire Protection Research Foundation, presents the results of a project whose overall goal is to facilitate the safe integration of Smart Grid technology in the nation’s electrical safety infrastructure. It describes a review of technologies likely to impact electrical safety and presents an assessment of needed changes to codes and standards and a roadmap for needed research on this topic.

Download a free copy of the "Smart Grid and NFPA Electrical Safety Codes and Standards" report.

The Research Foundation is an independent nonprofit whose mission is to plan, manage and communicate research in support of NFPA.

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