Department of Energy continues investment in advanced vehicle technologies

Blog Post created by andrewklock Employee on Aug 12, 2011

Electric_car_blog[1]President Barack Obama checks out hybrid vehicles at the Edison Electric Vehicle Technical Center in Pomona, California.

This week, the Department of Energy (DOE) announced its decision to provide more than $175 million in grants to support advanced vehicle technologies – yet another move by the U.S. Government in support of the electric vehicle industry. The announcement of these grants comes at the heels of news that the Obama administration struck a deal with automakers to double automobile and light-duty truck mileage by 2025.

According to the press release from DOE, the grants “will support 40 projects across 15 states and will help improve the fuel efficiency of next generation vehicles. The projects will target new innovations throughout the vehicle, including better fuels and lubricants, lighter weight materials, longer-lasting and cheaper electric vehicle batteries and components, more efficient engine technologies and more. This comprehensive approach to vehicle efficiency research and development will help ensure the technologies are available to help automakers achieve recently announced fuel efficiency standards.” 

Some of the nation’s largest motor vehicle companies qualified for funding, including General Motors, the Chrysler Group and Ford Motor Company. Other transportation companies such as The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company were also selected for a portion of the endowment.

Since the NFPA EV Safety Training, funded by a $4.4 million grant from the DOE, first began last year, we have embarked on this initiative with the continued support from DOE. As these grants are used and new technologies are created, communities will continue to see the growing EV infrastructure across the U.S.  Fortunately, first responders everywhere will already have the knowledge and training they need to safely interact with electric vehicles. Knowing that firefighters and first responders are equipped with the necessary information about electric vehicles will be crucial to the public’s acceptance of these vehicles.

For information about where and when the NFPA Electric Vehicle Safety Training is coming to your state, continue to visit as we regularly update scheduled trainings.