Today in fire history: 200 patients successfully evacuated or relocated from hospital fire

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Aug 12, 2011

On August 12, 1984, a fire originating in a high voltage electrical feeder busway forced the evacuation and relocation of 200 patients at a hospital in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The fire was confined to the busway and exposed storage areas, but smoke spread to several upper floors of the hospital. The successful relocation and evacuation of patients were due to the quick actions of the hospital staff, who were trained in fire emergency procedures, and the support of the fire department and emergency medical services. 

NFPA members can download the full investigation report. NFPA also has a full report on fires in medical, mental health, and substance abuse facilities, which members can access. All site visitors can download the report's executive summary, and a one-page fact sheet.

-Ben Evarts