Ford and Toyota team up to develop new EV technology

Blog Post created by andrewklock Employee on Aug 24, 2011


The world of technology is cutting-edge, and with the vast influx of new electric vehicles competing for consumer dollars, you’d think that it might be cut-throat, too. But Ford and Toyota are doing the opposite of butting heads—they’re joining forces!

Reps from the companies announced on August 22 that Ford and Toyota will collaborate on a hybrid-electric powertrain for SUVs and light trucks. They plan to develop a rear-wheel drive electric powertrain, and then introduce it in separate vehicle lines for each company. Those vehicle lines would likely be released later this decade.

“The companies are likely looking to reduce cost of the drivetrain to grow the hybrid market, and they don’t see eat other as much as direct competitors in the SUV/truck market as with light duty cars,” said Pike Research analyst John Gardner. “There is enough differentiation in the rest of the vehicle design that a common drivetrain with a competitor should not be problematic.”

Toyota is no stranger to collaboration in the field of electric vehicle technology. The company is already working with Tesla Motors on an all-electric RAV4.