The perks of driving green

Blog Post created by andrewklock Employee on Sep 9, 2011

News reports are coming out all the time with more information about the many benefits of driving green cars. It’s common knowledge that the U.S. government offers tax credits to buyers of environmentally-friendly vehicles—up to $7,500 for some models.

But the advantages of driving a green car don’t stop at tax season. Drivers of environmentally-friendly cars can enjoy the perks all year round as they cruise past gas stations: hybrid vehicles fill up far less often than standard vehicles, plug-in hybrid and extended-range electric vehicles even less. Many highways allow hybrid and electric vehicles carrying only one occupant to use high-occupancy vehicle lanes, usually reserved for carpoolers and families, as well as offering cheaper tolls. Some cities also allow green vehicles to park for free in areas where other cars have to pay meters.

It’s not just governments that are offering privileges to green drivers. Private businesses are also offering incentives in various forms, from free valet parking to store and restaurant discounts, to both employers and customers.

What are some of the perks to driving green in your area?