Electric Vehicle Safety Standards Summit adds to its speaker lineup

Blog Post created by andrewklock Employee on Sep 13, 2011

The final details of NFPA and SAE International’s 2nd Annual Electric Vehicle Safety Standards Summit are coming together as the event on Sept. 27-28 draws near.

Last week additional speakers were announced, adding to the already impressive list of government representatives and experts in the fields of vehicle safety, fire protection, electrical safety and emergency response.

The latest additions made to this year’s list of speakers include:

  • Phil Gorney, U.S. Department of Transportation
  • Lonny Simonian, California Polytechnic
  • Mark Earley, NFPA
  • Seth Gerber, Consumers Energy
  • Ken Boyce, Underwriter’s Lab – EVSE standardization
  • Andrew Klock, NFPA
  • Bob Duval, NFPA
  • Bill Giorges, Michigan Towing
  • Rich Gallagher, Zurich Services
  • Carl Rivkin, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

This list represents leading subject matter experts in a variety of areas pertinent to overall EV safety standards in the United States. The panel will provide insight into the many areas that must be considered for electric vehicle safety, such as utilities, electrical codes, charging codes and standards and potential fire issues.

EV Safety Training Project Manager Andrew Klock will discuss NFPA’s efforts surrounding the firefighter and first responder training program.

Be sure to download the agenda and register for the event before it's too late!