Luncheon presentation focuses on emerging issues in fire and life safety

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Dec 12, 2011

 “Emerging Issues” was the topic at today’s luncheon at NFPA’s Fire & Life Safety Conference. Attendees were invited to ask questions on any of nearly two dozen topics related to fire and life safety issues, including high rise building safety, health care trends, false alarms, combustible dust, mass notification, and the re-engineering of the NFPA code and standard development system.

Panel session 2
Serving on the NFPA panel during the luncheon presentation was Rich Bielen of NFPA’s Fire Protection Systems Engineering Division; Dick Roux, NFPA Senior Electrical Specialist; Ken Willette of NFPA’s Public Fire Protection Division;; and Chris Dubay, Vice President of Codes and Standards.

Panel session 1
Also serving on the panel was Guy Colonna of NFPA's Industrial and Chemical Engineering Division, and Kristin Bigda, NFPA Fire Protection Engineer.