Korean Fire Protection Association brings NFPA public education to Seoul

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http://nfpa.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8351b9f3453ef0162fdc09e89970d-piThe goal of the Korean Fire Protection Association (KFPA), under the leadership of Young-sun Kauh, CEO of KFPA, is to increase its public education programs in South Korea and to adapt many of NFPA’s public education programs for its Korean audiences.

In November, Battalion Chief Derrick Sawyer of the Philadelphia Fire Department and I went to Seoul on a trip sponsored by the KFPA to speak at the International Seminar on Public Fire Safety Education. Three hundred firefighters and other professionals attended the conference, where Chief Sawyer spoke about the five-step planning process the Philadelphia Fire Department uses in public education programs. I spoke about NFPA’s public education programs for general audiences and for high-risk groups. I also showed how public education programs are most effective when used in combination with engineering and enforcement strategies and how NFPA collaborates with government agencies on public education and outreach programs.

Other speakers at the conference were Yeol Woo Shin of the Korea National Emergency Management Agency and Young Pyo Hong of the KFPA Public Education and Public Relations Division.
We also held a strategic planning meeting with the public education staff of KFPA. In addition to these meetings, Chief Sawyer and I visited a disaster simulation center and a Seoul Fire Department fire station.

Sharon Gamache


Battalion Chief Derrick Sawyer presents the Five-Step Planning Process as used in Public Education Programs in Philadephia.












Sharon Gamache (right) presents NFPA public education programs. Myongo Yoon professor of University of Seoul (left) moderates the conference. 


Myongo Yoon and CEO Young-sun Kauh of KFPA present plaques of appreciation to Battalion Chief Derrick Sawyer and Sharon Gamache.


KFPA public education staff strategize on public education programs with Sharon Gamache and Derrick Sawyer. Seung-il Ahn of KFPA translates.