NFPA establishes Enforcer Funding Program for Technical Committee participation

Blog Post created by debbiebaio Employee on Dec 15, 2011

The NFPA Enforcer Funding Program will provide funding for NFPA Technical Committee participation for certain public sector Committee members who have been designated by the NFPA Standards Council, for purposes of committee balance, in the category of “Enforcing Authority (E)” (“Enforcers”).

The purpose of this Program is to enhance NFPA Technical Committee balance of interests and to promote public sector participation in NFPA standards development activities by reducing financial barriers to participation entailed by public sector budget constraints. 

The Program will not be able to fund all public sector employees, nor will it provide full funding. Rather, to make the most effective use of the available resources, this Program will be limited geographically and will focus on Enforcers, a category for which a need for greater participation on many NFPA Technical Committees has been identified.  In addition, the Program will provide reimbursement to eligible Committee members, not for all costs, but for up to 80% of the major costs associated with attendance at NFPA Technical Committee meetings.

See the full description of the Program.

- Debbie Baio