Let’s celebrate educators! NFPA is looking for that exceptional fire and life safety Educator Of The Year!

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!|src=|alt=Educator of the Year|style=margin: 0px 0px 5px 5px;|title=Educator of the Year|class=asset asset-image at-xid-6a00d8351b9f3453ef0162fe2426d8970d!Let’s celebrate fire and life safety educators! Educators are key to the success of NFPA’s programs. That’s why[ NFPA’s “Educator of the Year” Award |,%20awards,%20grants/For%20public%20educators/Fire%20and%20Life%20Safety%20Educator%20of%20the%20Year] is so important. It gives educators the recognition they deserve for playing the lead role in making their communities safer.  


We are looking for fire and life safety educators who:

    • work for a local fire department.

use NFPA's  Risk Watch®,  Learn Not to Burn®,  Remembering WhenTM  or Fire Prevention Week materials.

    1. use NFPA materials in a consistent and creative way.

    2. demonstrate excellence and innovation, reaching out to the community with NFPA materials.

    3. view NFPA as the source for safety information.


The "Educator of the Year" receives:

    1. $1,000 honorarium.

    2. Travel to Las Vegas in June 2012 for an award presentation at the opening general session of the NFPA annual conference.


The local fire department receives:

    1. $1,000 donation to support public education activities.

Apply for the 2012 NFPA Fire and Life Safety Educator of the Year Award .&#0160;<span style="color: #ff0000;">Deadline is February 24, 2012.&#0160;</span></div>