NYC gets zero-emission taxis, asthmatic pedestrians rejoice

Blog Post created by andrewklock Employee on Dec 28, 2011


Over the summer, we reported on the addition of seventy electric vehicles, including 50 Chevrolet Volts, to the official New York City fleet. Several Volts became NYPD patrol cars, marking the first foray into all-electric first responder cars. 

Now, New York is getting another electric boost with the addition of six Nissan LEAF vehicles to begin an electric taxi program. This is in keeping with Mayor Bloomberg’s 2007 announcement of a commitment to making all of New York City’s taxis either hybrid or electric as soon as possible. Four kinds of hybrid taxis have already taken to the city streets, and hybrids now make up 35% of the fleet. The Nissan LEAF, however, will be the first all-electric taxi of its kind.

Currently, the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission is implementing a plan to install electric vehicles in garages across the city in order to make New York’s infrastructure more electric-vehicle friendly. If New York’s steps to make the city more EV-friendly take root, hopefully it won’t be long before we see even more states and cities adding electric vehicles to their official fleets.