Eltek to supply on-board chargers for Volvo’s new EV project

Blog Post created by andrewklock Employee on Dec 29, 2011


Back in September, we reported on the top five electric vehicle partnerships as reported by AOL Energy. Included in the list was Volvo, which partnered with Siemens to collaborate on developing new electric vehicle technologies.

On Tuesday, Volvo announced that it would be forming another relationship, this time with Eltek, a world leader in efficient electronics. According to Green Power Train, Eltek will be supplying on-board chargers to be incorporated into the vehicles being developed in Volvo’s EV program. The EV Powercharger 3000, which provides 96% power conversion efficiency, will reduce battery charge time and therefore lower charging costs.

Volvo has yet to release an all-electric vehicle, but does plan to release hybrid models of existing vehicles starting next year.