An army of plug-ins? U.S. Army creates a plug-in tank

Blog Post created by andrewklock Employee on Jan 4, 2012

Marine_solar_power[1]The Army goes green! Lance Cpl. Dakota Hicks, from Laharpe, Ill., connects a radio battery to a portable solar panel communication system in Sangin District, in Afghanistan. (AP)

When we think of plug-in hybrids, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a Toyota Prius—not an armored military vehicle.

But according to Green Car Reports, the U.S. Army has just created a fully-armored plug-in vehicle, the FED Bravo: a fully-functional plug-in hybrid vehicle that offers as much protection to U.S. troops as the gas-guzzling Hummers traditionally used by the military.

The U.S. military is the largest worldwide consumer of oil, purchasing upwards of 150 million barrels per year. This dependence on oil is detrimental not only to the national budget, but to U.S. soldiers as well. According to a recent story on NPR, the mine-resistant vehicles that carry U.S. military personnel have a high human cost: for every 50 convoys accompanying fuel to U.S. bases, a Marine is killed or wounded while guarding a convoy. A high-safety, low-fuel vehicle like the FED Bravo might be just what the military needs.