Latest edition of NFPA Journal® is released

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on Jan 9, 2012

NFPA JournalThe latest edition of the NFPA Journal® has been released for January and February focusing on the issue of Life Safety and Health Care through an abundance of articles relating to the matter.

The cover story “The Dangers of Too Much Stuff” explores the dangerous relationship between hoarding and fire safety. NFPA’s own Sharon Gamache, Director of NFPA’s High Risk Outlook Programs, discuses the many fire dangers related with compulsive hoarding, also detailing several resources responders can use when dealing with someone with an issue of hoarding.

The edition goes on to discuss the issue of operating room fires, describing the new FDA initiative that is teaching health care professionals the causes of operating room fires in the article “Operation Fire Safety”.

Another issue brought up in this month’s latest NFPA Journal® the safety of our hospitals heliports, which are beset by a range of safety issues. The article, “Heliport Help” states that the proponents of safer heliports call for stronger regulations designed to ensure heliport safety. 

Read the full issue of NFPA Journal here