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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released a statement today concluding its safety defect investigation into the post-crash   fire risk of Chevy Volts. The statement said in part, "Opened on   November 25, the agency’s investigation has concluded that no   discernible defect trend exists and that the vehicle modifications recently developed by General Motors reduce the potential for battery intrusion resulting from side impacts."
NHTSA also released interim guidance to increase awareness and identify   appropriate safety measures for the emergency response community, law   enforcement officers, and others about electric vehicles.

For more complete information on the announcement, interim guidance and training visit the EV Safety Training Blog.

Lorraine Carli

NFPA is seeking applications for the 2012 Rolf H. Jensen Memorial Public Education Grant, funded by the RJA Group. The amount of $5,000 is provided annually to a local fire department in the United States or Canada to support its fire and life safety education program or campaign. Last year’s award went to the College Station Fire Department in College Station, Texas, to support a fire safety education program for the more than 40,000 Texas A& M students who live in off-campus housing. Contact Lisa Braxton if you have any questions about the award and application process.

The application deadline is February 3, 2012. Mail the application to the National Fire Protection Association, 1 Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA  02169, Attention: Public Education/Jensen Application. Or e-mail the application to

-Sharon Gamache

NFPA and FPRF will present a one-day seminar focusing on recent global research that addresses high challenge warehouse storage and the call for improved fire protection strategies. The seminar, “Global Research Update: High Challenge Storage Protection,” will be held June 27, 2012 at the Marriott Rive Gauche, in Paris, France, in cooperation with the European Fire Sprinkler Network conference.

“Many of today’s products including aerosols, lithium-ion batteries, and flammable and combustible liquids increasingly pose storage challenges in warehouses around the world,” said Kathleen Almand, executive director of the Fire Protection Research Foundation. “Participants at this event will explore the latest global research on storage protection and how to improve safety in the future.”  

The program will feature presentations from the insurance industry and global property owners who will provide a perspective on these emerging needs. In addition, global research organizations will highlight recent research works.

Seminar Sponsors
Honorary co-sponsors of the seminar are:

  • Health and Safety Laboratory      (HSL), UK
  • Ineris National Institute      for Industrial Environment and Risks, France
  • SP – Technical Research      Institute of Sweden

For more information about the seminar and to register, contact the Fire Protection Research Foundation.

The FPRF’s 16th annual Suppression, Detection and Signaling Research and Applications symposium (SUPDET 2012) will be held at the Sheraton Crescent Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona, on Monday, March 5 through Thursday, March 8.

Aimed at fire detection, suppression and emergency communications systems professionals, the symposium provides attendees the opportunity to exchange ideas, innovations and current research information. Attendees have the option to choose between the Detection and Signaling Program or the Suppression Program.

All SUPDET 2012 attendees are also invited to attend a free half-day Emergency Communications Workshop focused on emergency messaging, which will involve the development of emergency messaging templates that serve as the technical basis for explanatory material in the next edition of NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code.

This year’s agenda will feature 30 presentations featuring the latest developments and current research in key areas including:

  • New detection technology
  • Approaches and human response to emergency/mass communication with a focus on high risk groups
  • New developments in water-based suppression systems
  • Environmental regulations and new fire suppression agents
  • Applications/case studies
  • High challenge commodity protection – new research on lithium ion batteries, aerosols and other hazards

For more information or to register online, contact Eric Peterson at +1 617 984-7271.

NFPA 72 As columnist Wayne D. Moore explains in the January/February issue of NFPA Journal®, the cost of installing a fire alarm system may take a backseat to the operational needs and long-term maintenance costs of a system. Fortunately, NFPA codes and standards offer ways of maintaining an alarm system without breaking the bank.

Says Moore, "While it may seem difficult, health care facility  directors must stay abreast of the technical improvements to fire alarm  system products, as well as changes to the life safety, building, and  fire codes, and to NFPA 72®, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code®.  Managers should work closely with system designers to ensure the fire  alarm system designs consider their operational needs before seeking  installation bids. A proper design can meet these operational needs and  reduce long-term maintenance costs."

Read Moore's complete column in the latest issue of NFPA Journal.

-Fred Durso, Jr.

Sparky Fire Trucks
The most visited section on the Sparky the Fire Dog® web site just got even better! Launched this month, the new fire truck section lets kids of all ages get an inside view of different kinds of fire trucks, explore a quint truck, color and print trucks online, and play fire truck games. Reinforce listening and sequencing skills with "Follow the Sounds," a sound pattern game for preschoolers and school-aged children. "Put out the Fire" is a game of skill in which critical thinking is a must. "It is the Angry Birds of fire-safety, I'm addicted," said one player. is a safe learning environment for children, trusted and approved by teachers, parents, and fire safety educators. 

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