Foster dog saves family home from fire

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on Jan 24, 2012

GraceWe just read a great post on Cesar's Way Dog Behavior blog and thought we would share. The Zeitz family of Newfane, NY decided to foster a dog before the holidays. The dog, a black mixed breed named Grace, had been left tied to a stop sign alongside her puppies and been saved by a rescue organization, the Akron Canine Rescued Angels. The Zeitz family had fostered about 100 dogs through the program, but didn’t realize how special Grace would be.

A couple of days before Christmas, Alice Zeitz threw some laundry into her basement washer and dryer and headed upstairs to be with her fiancé and two children, ages 8 and 3. Before long, Grace began running to the basement and back, clearly agitated. They finally followed the barking dog down to the basement and saw that the washer had begun smoking and had caught on fire. Grace’s keen nose had smelled the smoke even before the smoke detector and she warned the family in time before any serious damage to the house or any injury to the family had occurred.

Needless to say, Grace’s foster situation became permanent. Zeitz said even before Grace’s heroic action she felt a special bond with the dog. Congratulations to hero Grace on her new home with the Zeitz family! 

Also, check out NFPA's dryer and washing machine safety tip sheet for info on how to help prevent these fires in your own home.