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Are you a hard-working, dynamic fire safety educator who loves working with children, older adults, and others in the community? Do you consistently and creatively use one or more of NFPA’s core fire safety programs, such as Learn Not to Burn®, Remembering When™: A Fire and Fall Prevention Program for Older Adults, or Fire Prevention Week materials? If so, you could be the next winner of NFPA’s Educator of the Year Award. The deadline for applications is February 24th, so you still have time to apply.

If you are chosen Educator of the Year, you will receive a $1,000 honorarium for you personally and a $1,000 donation to your local fire department to support its public education activities. We all know how scarce resources are, so don’t pass up this opportunity. Download the application form now, and don’t let your busy schedule or your humility keep you from going for it!

 - Sharon Gamache

Do you have your Bachelor’s Degree and hands on experience in product development and management? If so, you're in luck because we are looking to add a new Product Innovation & Development Director to our staff at NFPA. This is an ideal opportunity for an innovative manager who will lead a team of product managers to drive product strategy, new product development and product standardization to support business initiatives and increase the profitability of NFPA.

Some of your principle responsibilities would include:

  • Set the strategic direction and business objectives for      new product lines
  • Formulating, executing and managing business plans to      achieve such objectives.
  • Develop a high performing team to accomplish product      and profitability targets
  • Establish and manage the team’s product and technology      road
  • Act as a focal point for market knowledge,      profitability, forecasts, and planning of a broad range of product lines.
  • Manage the New Product Development process
  • Negotiate contracts for goods and services
  • Instrumental  in facilitating the development of      IT specifications and procurement documents; evaluating vendors; preparing      recommendations for awarding contracts; and developing, negotiating and      executing contracts as well as resolving contract problems.
  • Plans, prepares and manages budgets related to the      responsibilities assigned above.

For more details on the requirements and responsibilities of this position, please visit our website.

To apply, email your resume and a cover letter, including salary requirements, to Janet Bulian or All attachments submitted should be in a Word or PDF file document.

An analysis of volunteer firefighter injuries was recently undertaken by NFPA to compare their experience to all firefighter injuries. ‘All firefighter injuries’ refers to the firefighter injuries that are estimated based on the NFPA National Fire Experience Survey and reported in the NFPA Annual Firefighter Injury Report.

The injury statistics in that report combine career and volunteer firefighters. Volunteer fire departments are highly related to the size of community protected. Departments that protect communities of less than 10,000 population are comprised mosyly of volunteer firefighters.

Three years of data were used in this analysis because the estimates for some of the breakdown categories are small and can vary considerably from year to year. Download NFPA's analysis of volunteer firefighter injuries.

Download NFPA's analysis of volunteer firefighter injuries by NFPA's Michael J. Karter, Jr.

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