U.S. Army hybrid vehicle saving gas (and lives)

Blog Post created by andrewklock Employee on Feb 23, 2012

Photo: New York Times

Back in January, we reported on some of the steps the U.S. military—currently the world’s largest single consumer of oil—is taking to scale back on its gas-guzzling vehicles in order to reduce oil spending. This week, we’re happy to announce the reveal of the Clandestine Extended Range Vehicle, or CERV, at the Chicago Auto Show. This light, armored vehicle is intended for reconnaissance missions, and comes equipped with a silent engine allowing it to travel on rough terrain without being heard.

According to The Charging Point, the CERV is a joint project between the Army’s Tank Automotive Research Developing and Engineering Center and Quantum Fuel Systems Worldwide, a company that specializes in renewable energy propulsion.

In addition to cutting oil spending and lightening the Army’s carbon footprint, the use of hybrid and EV technology in the Army will reduce the risks that accompany the transport and protection of fuel supplies. Electric vehicles don’t just help the planet—they can save lives, too!