Looking for a charging station? There’s an App for that!

Blog Post created by andrewklock Employee on Feb 27, 2012[1]Chris Bernstein Photo

Last week, the Patriot Ledger ran an article about the new charging stations at the Hanover Mall in Hanover, Massachusetts.

The installation of the stations in Hanover are part of a project run by the National Grid, which plans to install 30 new charging stations state-wide under the Department of Energy’s “ChargePoint America” program. Under the program, National Grid foots the bill for the installation and maintenance while the charging site (in this case, the Hanover Mall) pays the electric bill—allowing EV users to charge for free. The goal of the program is two-fold: increasing EV-friendly infrastructure while also making it more affordable for EV-owners to power up, making electric vehicles more appealing to consumers.

The ChargePoint America program addresses one of the major issues consumers have with electric vehicles: when they’re not home, where do they power up? Fortunately, as they say in the smartphone business, “there’s an app for that.” The ChargePoint Network offers a useful website where EV users can find a charging station near their location or along the route of a planned trip, as well as downloadable smart phone apps so users can search on the go.