Kentucky Train-the-Trainer Session Recap

Blog Post created by andrewklock Employee on Mar 2, 2012

IMG_3688Jason Emery, one of NFPA's EV Instructors, discusses with the class
why this training is so important to first responders.

Last Friday the NFPA conducted its 23rd Electric Vehicle train-the-trainer in Lexington, Kentucky. Special thanks to Bryant Stiles, Marc Rudder, and the staff of the 2012 Fire Officers School for their hospitality! With over 100 students in the class from all around the state it was a very well attended session and the students responded to the curriculum positively. This eight-hour training program covered all aspects of responding to incidents involving hybrid and electric vehicles and prepared the instructors to take the program out into the field. The students also had the opportunity to take a close look at a Toyota Prius that was brought right into the training room. As a result of the training there are over 100 instructors in KY now qualified to help attain our goal to train emergency responders across the country. As always, the opportunity to speak with firefighters from around the state and answer their questions was the most rewarding. This time around I was able to grab lunch with a great group of firefighters representing the fire investigation side of our business and talk through some of the unique issues they would face.

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