NFPA seeks feedback on content strategy; working to provide easy access and solution-based products

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Mar 9, 2012

Kim Fontes
The changes that have occurred in the publishing industry over the last several years are enough to make your head spin. E-book sales in 2011 have surged, surpassing most industry expert’s predictions. Technology has offered us Kindles, Nooks, IPADs, tablets, smart phones, the list goes on and on.  The way that we purchase, customize and consume content is remarkably different than it was even 12 months ago. 

NFPA, more so than many organizations is dramatically affected by these changes and has an enormous opportunity to use technology to further our reach and provide customers with more enhanced content. Our most constant questions are, “How can we ensure greater access to our codes and standards,and how can we meet our customer needs by providing timely, relevant content in various formats for consumption on different devices?”

Well, we start with an ambitious and innovative vision about how we will develop and distribute content. It is NFPA’s Vision for Content Strategy. Our goal  is to be a leader in wider and easier access to our basic codes and standards content while providing solution based products that help meet your needs and job requirements. We add some guiding principles about how and what we develop as products.

If we are successful in providing greater access to our codes and standards we not only fulfill our mission but expand it.  If we give customers better tools, we are also successful.

We would love to hear your thoughts. Take a look at the content strategy and share your thoughts with us. Tell us if you think this vision will help meet your needs and expectations in the future. Tell us if you think we are on the right track. Our aspiration is that we can harness new technology to do what we do best -- to protect and save lives.

It's easy to give feedback: Just click on the "COMMENTS" link below to get started.

Kim Fontes
Division Director, NFPA Product Development