Tragic Anniversary: Triangle Shirtwaist Fire led to watershed moments in building and life safety

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The fire escape at the Asch Building that collapsed during the fire, sending dozens to their deaths.


This week marks the anniversary of the historic fire at the Triangle  Waist Co. on March 25, 1911, which killed 146 workers and injured  scores. As discussed in an +NFPA Journal+ article, Triangle remains the deadliest accidental industrial  building  fire in the nation’s history. It also helped spark sweeping reforms  that included the  adoption and enforcement of a host of workplace  safety measures, including the development of NFPA 101 ®, +Life Safety Code+®+.+

Despite the sweeping changes that have occurred, deadly fires still plague the international garment industry. Read the +NFPA Journal+ feature to learn more about NFPA's roleboth past and presentin helping to safeguard these facilities from future disasters.


Also, watch a slideshow of the Triangle fire and its aftermath as well as a video of NFPA President James Shannon commenting on the tragedy: 



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