NFPA Journal columnist addresses new projects assessing energy-saving technologies

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Whether it's the batteries powering the latest crop of electric vehicles or photovoltaic panels on rooftops harnessing the sun's power, energy-saving technologies continue to enter the marketplace. The latest issue of +NFPA Journal+ examines the Fire Protection Research Foundation's projects addressing the impact of these technologies on electrical safety as well as NFPA's codes and standards.


Here's a snippet, written by Journal columnist and Foundation Executive Director Kathleen Almand:


The Foundation has been active in  areas related to electric vehicle safety. A project completed in 2011  identified the specific provisions of NFPA 70 + +®+, National Electrical Code+ +®+, and of&#0160;[NFPA 70E®, Electrical Safety in the Workplace® |]<a href="" target="_blank">,</a> that will be affected by electric vehicle charging, work that can help a  task force evaluating the NEC determine what changes are needed for the  code in the current cycle. The Foundation’s Property Insurance Research  Group completed an assessment of the hazards associated with  lithium-ion batteries, the predominant EV battery technology, in storage  configurations; work continues this year and will explore storage  protection methods.


Read the entire column in the latest edition of +NFPA Journal. +


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