New study on limiting risks to firefighters, paramedics highlighted in NFPA Journal

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Mar 22, 2012

Firefighter studyWhat does the fire service need to limit risk to firefighters, paramedics, and the public?

That was the question asked during the Multiphase Study on Firefighter Safety and the Deployment of Resources, a joint venture including the International Association of Fire Fighters and International Association of Fire Chiefs. A column in the latest edition of NFPA Journal discusses how the study included the participation of more than 400 U.S. fire departments to assess which staffing levels, response times, and deployment of resources are ideal when responding to a variety of fire or EMS events. 

Here's a snippet of the column, adapted from the NFPA publication Structural Fire Fighting by Ben Klaene and Russ Sanders:

The results, according to the study's website, will be “especially useful to the many fire  departments across the nation that are challenged by budget crises,  rising call volume, personnel and equipment shortages, security issues,  and an overall expectation to do more with less.” These and other  factors, all too often, are present in line-of-duty injuries and deaths  among firefighters. Preliminary results from the high-rise experiments  are expected early this summer, with full results and conclusions  available early next year.

Read the entire column in the March/April edition of NFPA Journal.

-Fred Durso, Jr.