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Congratulations to our 10 Firewise calendar photo contest winners! It was a hard choice; all of the photos showed great creativity! We received over 60 photos so we want to thank everyone who participated in the contest - we wish we could use them all!




A story out of Hartlepool, England reminds us that the home fire death problem and the life safety communities’ passion for solving it have no borders. As reported in the Hartlepool Mail, the woman, Cindy Collins has become an advocate for fire sprinklers after nearly dying in a fire in her home, adding; “fire victim said goodbye and prepared to die.”




NFPA&#39;s Chris Dubay, Vice President, Codes and Standards, and Chief Engineer,&#0160;says if you&#39;re looking for the latest on codes and standards, the Conference &amp; Expo is the place to be. See the list of codes and standards that will be presented for action at the Las Vegas meeting.




Part 4 of 5

Assembly venues often control access by limiting entry to that provided by the main entrance where admission tickets can be collected or patron identification verified. The main entrance will serve as the main exit and is referred to in NFPA 101®, Life Safety Code® as the main entrance/exit. Yet other exits are required. They take the form of doors and exit stair enclosures that are not used on a regular basis. The exit enclosure needs to be inspected as it is an inviting place to store things. Exhibit 1 depicts rolled carpet stored within an exit stair enclosure. The storage encroaches on the required egress path and introduces combustibles that could burn so as to prevent the use of the stair enclosure as an egress route. 


Infrequent stairs

Exhibit 1. Rolled carpet stored in an exit enclosure. (Photo courtesy of Jake Pauls)

Assembly venue egress systems, although code-compliant when installed, must be vigilantly inspected and maintained in order to perform as designed in time of fire or similar emergency.

For expanded commentary and additional photos, see the Life Safety Code® Handbook – 2012 available from NFPA. 

-Chris Dubay Corp, a U.S.-based international fire services company which offers “clean tech” fire prevention and fire fighting products, announced today that it has become an NFPA member.

"We rely heavily on professional insights into the fire problems which our industry strive to combat," said Kristian Schiorring, CEO, Bioflamex Corp., in a press statement. "Saving lives and property in a responsible way is our objective, and the research and analysis we gain access to through NFPA helps us develop innovative products. Products that will improve quality of life for our customers and create profits for the company. Therefore it is only a natural step for us to become a member of this reputable association."

The statement said that insights from a NFPA report on home structure fires inspired the development of the company's new aerosol extinguisher designed to aid first response against fires in kitchens, typically in conjunction with frying oil or fats self-igniting. According to NFPA's 2011 report on home structure fires, by Marty Aherns, cooking equipment is the leading cause of home structure fires and home fire injuries, while smoking materials remain the leading causes of home fire deaths.

Thanks for joining NFPA, Bioflamex Corp.! If you're not already an NFPA member, learn more about the many benefit of joining, including receiving exclusive access to technical assistance and information.

After years of debate and failed attempts, members of the Idaho House on Tuesday approved a ban on texting while driving.




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