From the treetop: Innovation at NFPA

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on Mar 28, 2012

Innovation at NFPA

http://www.nfpa.orgImage: Tree swallow singing by Alan Vernon via Flikr

Recently you heard about our new content strategy.  This strategic plan is far-reaching in scope, fundamentally redefining how we think about our core products, our customers and how we expect consumers of code to use them. The focus is now on delivering NFPA code and related content to the customer however, wherever and whenever it is needed.

Fortunately, NFPA recognizes that big change isn’t easy. It takes resources, customer and internal support, and a new perspective. One step that we’ve taken in this process was the formation of a new product innovation team. Our task: Come up with new product ideas to serve our mission and the new directives of our content strategy.

The new NFPA Innovation Team is Matt Cannavale, Lisa Frank, Lynn Kenney, and Sam Driver. We’ll be reporting regularly about the dynamics of new product development and innovation within the halls of NFPA.

This is an exciting role within any organization, but especially so during a major strategic shift. The role of innovation within an organization is centered on taking a look from that new perspective. Standing like a bird at the top of the tree we can take a look at what NFPA does from a new perspective and ask that most disruptive question:


Why do we do it that way? Why don’t we try this? Why don’t we take another look at that?

Pretty soon we’ll be asking “Why not?” and you’ll see new products rolling out– both physical and digital products. Be on the lookout for new products, and new ways of accessing existing products. We are listening to you — you’re demanding easier and customizable solutions, and more of them.

We’re here to deliver.

-Sam Driver