Anatomy of a code — What is the NFPA core product?

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on Apr 2, 2012

NFPa product innovationA common question of people and businesses is “what do you do?” Most of our customers would probably answer “NFPA makes code books.”  

At first glance, they’re right, of course. We’ve got a phenomenal staff that produces over 300 codes and standards, the handbooks for some of those codes and standards, and a variety of supporting material.

But that’s not the whole story. What about our training programs, public education programs, web tools, and mobile device apps? Once you start piling it up, you realize that maybe our eye is drawn to the physical object on the shelf, and that we overlook the less tangible answer:

NFPA’s core product is information.

And not just any information, but the collected, debated, and exhaustively researched answer to a broad question: What is the minimum safe way to…?

As technology marches on, we often focus on information as a valuable resource in its own right. But the diffuse knowledge that is forged from our technical committees isn’t terribly portable. We add a lot of value to information when we make it easier to use, and relevant to the task at hand. Strategically, we design products with three major factors in mind:

  • Convenience – portable formats where and how you need them
  • Enhanced content – explanatory, supporting material
  • Customer-based customizability – assemble the right toolkit for your job

We are looking at ways to deliver code and code-related content that is more useful to our customers. Does the customer sit in an office all day at the computer? NFCSS and necplus are ideal products. Is the customer in the field? We’ve got physical books, e-books, mobile device apps. And that’s just the beginning. We are building solutions that give the customer more control over what they see and how they see it. Self-customization is one of the hallmarks of modern smart devices, and we’re building solutions to match.

Customer feedback is the primary driver for this initiative, so reach out to your NFPA friends, or drop us a note with your vision of the perfect NFPA code product.

-Sam Driver