Global Research Update: High Challenge Storage Protection symposium

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The Research Foundation and NFPA invite you to the Global Research Update: High Challenge Storage Protection symposium to be held June 27, 2012 at the Marriott Rive Gauche in Paris, France.

High challenge warehouse fire protection strategies are of global concern to the fire protection community. As new high hazard commodities appear in challenging storage arrangements, new approaches to fire protection are required. This symposium will present recent global research to being carried out to address that need, and is being held in cooperation with the [European Fire Sprinkler Network conference | http://www.eurosprinkler.org/paris2012/].

[The programme | http://www.nfpa.org/assets/files//Research%20Foundation/GlobalResearchUpdate.pdf] (PDF, 22 KB) will feature recent research work sponsored by the Foundation’s Property Insurance Research Group and other global research organizations. Presentations from the insurance industry and global property owners will provide a perspective on emerging needs.

[Register now | http://register03.exgenex.com/Attendee/Default.aspx?C=70000056&M=10000111&Mode=HTML] and join attendees from around the globe for this unique event. Regular rate is $395. A special rate of $350 applies to those also attending the European Fire Sprinkler Network Conference.

We thank our honorary co-sponsors of the Global Research Update: High Challenge Storage Protection:

    • GIDAI – Fire Safety Research & Technology

    • HSL - Health and Safety Laboratory, UK

    • Ineris - National I stitute for Industrial Environment and Risks, France

    • SP – Technical Research Institute of Sweden

    • UC – Universidad de Cantabria