Workshop on emergency responder PPE for hybrid and electric vehicles held at NFPA

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on May 1, 2012


Attendees listen to panelists; Bill Giorgis, Terry McDonnell, Ron Moore and Andrew Reardon discuss emergency responder PPE concerns. 

There is significant difference between the PPE used by the fire service for fighting fires and use by electrical professionals for handling energized electrical equipment. The use of improper PPE for a specific hazard introduces significant hazards to the user. Today's workshop looks at the use of PPE by emergency responders during emergency events involving electrically energized equipment in hybrid and electric vehicles. 

The Fire Protection Research Foundation today held a workshop to seek to develop guiding priciples and recommended action steps for minimizing the risk to emergency responders working on EVs. Interested stakeholders attended including those in the fire service, electrician and utility professions, EV and EV battery manufacturers, PPE providers, EMS, law enforcement and tow/salvage organizations. 

Attendees listened to a presentation on current emergency responder EV tactics, a panel on various emergency responder PPE concerns and risks, an overview of available EV emergency response guides, heard about PPE application criteria, fire service and electrical PPE differences, and the PPE enforcement infrastructure. They also all participated in a discussion to identify specific applicable hazards when considering PPE for EV response, analyze and prioritize the identified hazards and then develop guiding priciples and recommended action steps. 

A report of the results will be available shortly on the FPRF website