NFPA President James Shannon makes a case for fire prevention in latest issue of NFPA Journal

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on May 4, 2012

James ShannonFire prevention efforts save lives.

NFPA President James Shannon drives this point home in the May/June issue of NFPA Journal, citing preventative efforts across the U.S. that appear to be diminishing deadly and costly tragedies. Here's a snippet from Shannon's column, which underscores a few examples:

I had a conversation in the grocery  store with a fire chief from a city near where I  live. He told me about a great campaign that he just launched. His city  has a large immigrant community and a tight housing market, and many  people have created illegal apartments. Whole families are paying  exorbitant rents to live in basements where there are inadequate exits  and too few electrical outlets. Cooking is done on hot plates or  rigged-up appliances.

The chief told me that his firefighters are  knocking on doors all over the city, and when they find these illegal  units they make the landlords move the families out and into hotels  immediately.

The alternative is that the landlord pays for a  fire watch — at a cost of $1,500 a day — until the family is relocated.  The firefighters also make sure that there are working smoke alarms in  every home they visit. If there are none, they install them, and they  replace any batteries that have expired or been removed.

Read the full column in the latest edition of NFPA Journal.

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-Fred Durso, Jr.